Doorfold’s Wonderful Moments from Recent Exhibition Sites
Doorfold’s Wonderful Moments from Recent Exhibition Sites
The exhibition here aims to promote brands, negotiate cooperation, and expand the market. It provides face-to-face communication with customer groups in different areas, allowing everyone to have a comprehensive understanding of the production process and sound insulation principles of Doorfold ‘soperable wall systems. This will enable them to have a better choice of mobile partition products that are more suitable for their space when needed. For more information please contact us at:Contact Person:Mr.Wen Allen(The Owner&Engineer)Mobile:+8613138638081Whatsapp: +8613138638081Wechat:+8613138638081Skype:mrwenshaojieE-Mail:export@doorfoldpartition.comWebsite:Http://www.doorfoldpartition.comTel: +8620 86212630 / 86210840Fax:+8620 86210840Address:1st,Floor,Block B,No.4 Industrial Road,Luogang Industrial Area,Junhe Street,Baiyun District,Guangzhou,P.R.China
July 21, 2023
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